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SLDP attorneys believes in one simple concept: represent, protect and defend our client expertly and professionally
Criminal-Law - sldpattorneys 6793

Criminal Law

We understand that being accused of an offence can be a harrowing experience for the individual and for their family. Whatever the nature of the accusation, we will defend with the highest level of legal expertise and determination. We are fearless ... read more

Civil-Law - sldpattorneys 6792

Civil Law

Litigation can be an unavoidable commercial reality for any person and business in South Africa. Our experienced litigators will guide you through the complexity of litigation relating to actions, applications and interdicts relating to all aspects... read more

Family - sldpattorneys 7201

Family Law

Two basic marriage regimes are recognized, namely in and out of community of property, with marriages out of community of property being sub-categorized with or excluding the accrual system. It is important for prospective spouses to enter into an ante... read more

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